A Review Of The Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette

In recent years numerous brands of electronic cigarettes have found their way onto the market. However, it would be financially unwise to try and test all of the brands because of the cost of the starter packs. If you are looking at the different types of e-cigarettes it may be advised to consider some of the more popular brands, with Green Smoke being a very well-known name. Green Smoke claims to have the richest flavors on the market, but there are other factors to note before purchasing a Green Smoke e cigarette.

1. The Starter Pack

The first point that you need to consider when you look electronic cigarette packages is what you get in the starter pack. The starter pack is generally the most costly part of the package and you need to get value for money. There are three different types of starter kits offering different prices and components.

The first kit is “the express kit” which is marketed as the most affordable option. This express kit offers all the guarantees from the brand with 5 cartomizers, 1 battery which can be long or short, the electronic cigarette, a USB charger and a wall charger.

The second kit is “the pro kit” which is similar to the express kit; however, you will receive 10 cartomizers, 2 batteries (one long and one short), as well as a car adapter.

The third and final kit is “the love birds kit” which is two pro kits in one.

2. The E-Cigarette Flavors

A major drawing factor of electronic cigarettes is the different flavors available. Green Smoke offers 8 flavors of which 3 are tobacco. The different tobacco flavors allows you to find the taste that you want and the flavor most suited to your palate.

3. The Ease of Use

New e-cigarette users must consider how easy the device is to use. Green Smoke makes use of the two piece product design which is considered one of the simplest and most comfortable electronic cigarette designs. To use the device you need to screw the battery onto the cartomizer, and then you can use the device – no need for any other instructions.

There are various benefits you get from this method. The most significant is that you get a fresh atomizer with each change. This means that you do not have to worry about the atomizer getting clogged up when you refill the cartridge.

4. The Battery and Vapor

Both battery and vapor are possibly the most important aspects of any e-cigarette. The battery impacts how long you can use the device and the vapor impacts how effective the device actually is.

The Green Smoke battery offers a customized design meaning you are able to stand out in a crowd while never losing your cigarette. Green Smoke claim that the battery should last for approximately 400 puffs, which is the equivalent of 33 cartridges.

The Green Smoke brand vapor is deemed one of the best on the market due to its high quality and smoothness. Many users feel that the vapor is the fine mist that you should be getting with all electronic cigarettes.